An upcoming plotline in the Avalon RP community, "Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War" features a whole new cast of original characters and brand new worlds in which they will adventure. Heading the pack is a mysterious Keyblade Master named Nero, who has sought refuge after the Keyblade War in Radiant Garden. Currently a tutor in the ways of the blade, Nero seeks to empower his pupils to fight what he regards as "the Advent of Darkness."


Jin: a boy in his early teens who seeks adventure outside his realm, Radiant Garden. A pupil of the master swordsman there named Nero, Jin looks also to prove his strength to his mentor and all of his friends.

Nero: an enigmatic middle-aged swordsman who wears all ivory and red and has a scar over his permanently shut left eye; he tutors would-be defenders of Radiant Garden and is somehow linked to the Keyblade known as the Heart's Dream.

Kara: Jin's lifelong best friend and top rival under the tutelage of Nero; she is the adoptive daughter of the royal family of Radiant Garden, mostly hanging around Ansem. She is seen by kids her age as an outcast, much to Ansem and Jin's chagrin.

Ansem: a brilliant young man whose intellect precedes himself; he is Kara's "brother" and successor to the throne of Radiant Garden, though he cares little for the politics and more for the science, especially exploration outside his world.

Mana: queen of Radiant Garden, adoptive mother of Kara, and mother to Ansem, Mana is truly the paragon of virtue; having taken in numerous victims of the Keyblade War, she seeks to mend the wounds of the cosmos through her influence and generosity.


To be announced...


Radiant Garden: a world at the crux of the cosmos, Radiant Garden is home to those who were scattered from their original worlds by the Keyblade War; ruled by the beneficent Queen Manah, this bustling world is full of potential adventure and comparable peril.